Megan’s Cloud Atlas

I often find myself looking up at the sky. Day and night, the show of textures and colors is ever present. Almost everyone likes a sunny day. Almost everyone has gazed at the stars and moon. Sunsets and sunrises are renown for their displays. However, clouds are often underappreciated for their beauty and drama.

In the last year, we’ve spent countless hours looking up. Only a few of our cloud pictures have appeared on Plan B Tour. Now is the time to pull back the curtain and show them all off. Clouds are whimsical, miraculous, and dynamic. As Gavin Pretor-Pinney says, they are also the most egalitarian of nature’s displays because we all can see the sky. Cloud gazing provides a way to slow down, to imagine, and to disconnect from the endless bustle. You can scroll through the cloud pictures below to do just that. If you are moved further, check out the Cloud Appreciation Society and this 10-minute TED talk by it’s founder, or turn off your electronics, head outside and take a look for yourself!