Fini For Now

Where our viewers are. The redder the country, the more views; the paler, fewer views.

Where PlanB Tour viewers are. The redder the country, the more views; the paler, fewer views.

We are back home in Portland, Oregon. We’ve decided to return to Plan A for awhile, so this will be our last blog post for Plan B Tour (v1). We decided to write this blog for friends and family. Given the wonders of technology, we’ve learned that more people are reading this than we know personally. This is what we found out about you as a group. As of today, (April 28, 2015) there have been 8,920 views from 96 countries!

Spring blooms.

Spring blooms.

For those of you who don’t know us personally, here’s a little bit more. Jim is a retired firefighter. He has a daughter, son, and four grandkids. He also spends time doing construction projects and volunteer work. Megan works in higher education and will be pausing her retirement training as soon as she finds a job. In this year, she has perfected the recipes for key lime pie, granola, and oatmeal raisin cookies. She is looking forward to singing again with her local choir. Both of us are active, spending time outdoors and practicing conditioning. In case you didn’t notice from our previous posts, we love to eat, walk, people watch, swim and read.

In returning to Portland, we’ve been able to see our home with a fresh perspective. It is a great city and stands up well against the finest places that we visited. Here are eight of the things we love about Portland:

  1. Our family and friends live here.
  2. It is a green city with many parks.
  3. The food is fantastic whether you are looking at restaurants, markets, food carts, or grocery stores.
  4. Getting around is easy. The city is walkable, drivers are courteous to a fault, and public transit is extensive.
  5. Easy access to natural playgrounds such as the Cascade Mountains, the Oregon Coast, and the Columbia Gorge.
  6. Environmental awareness is high.
  7. Presence of art and entertainment.
  8. Good coffee.
A block from where we live. There are 70+ miles of hiking trails right outside our back door.

A block from where we live. There are 70+ miles of trails right outside our back door.

Thank you for following along with us. If you want to get in touch, submit a comment to the blog and it will pop up in our email.

6 thoughts on “Fini For Now

  1. Welcome home to Portland. What a wonderful adventure, thank you for sharing it with others. All the best to you both for all the future journeys yet to come… Peace

  2. Welcome back! It was wonderful to see you at choir last night Megan. (I’ve had laryngitis so didn’t stay to talk) Micki

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